Betr.: Erstellung eines gedruckten "Skaters Directory" der erwachsenen Eiskunstläufer

Dear Skaters, Dear Friends;

As you may be aware, Rhea and her Adult Working Group have been talking about the creation of an international Adult Figure Skating Community since the first year of the ISU Adult Skating Competition.

To further this goal, we are creating a printed version of a skater’s directory for those who are or have competed in Oberstdorf. We hope this will give us all a chance to keep connected with each other in a more private way than Facebook or Twitter. With each year we hope to expand the number of participants in the directory, and perhaps the information provided will help keep our community growing.

We are creating this directory to help us in another way as well. We will be selling the directory (at a low cost) in Oberstdorf and using the money we raise to pay for the annual Paula Smart Trophy. Beginning this year, 2010, the trophy will be given in memory and in honor of our good friend and ISU Adult Figure Skating Working Group Member, Paula Smart, who died last year. It will be awarded each year to the skater with the highest score in the interpretive event – which Paula loved.

To those of you who have already gathered or provided the information already -- thanks so much for all your efforts (Tibi and Sharon in Australia, Irina and Birgit in Germany, Axel in the UK, Leslie in the US, Jasperina and Klass in the Netherlands, Yoshie in Japan, Anna in Russia and Jim in Canada).

For those of you who haven’t passed on your information and want to be included, can you please reply to this email and fill out the information highlighted below by APRIL 15 – it will only take a moment of your time. If you know of a skater who has competed in Oberstdorf and isn’t on this list, forward the email along.

In addition to everyone’s name, address, etc. we also wanted to get to know a bit more about each skater -- for example, what they do for a living and why they like to skate. It is up to each person how much information they want to share with others.

Email address
Street Address
City/town, Country
Postal Code (or Zip Code)
Home phone
Mobile Phone
Category (Dance, Pairs, Free Skate)
The Answer to this question: What I like best about skating as an adult is….
Years or Year you competed in Oberstdorf

Please send your mail to (CAN)!

Thanks so much. Bye for now and see you in Oberstdorf.

Diana Barkley
Canadian Ice Dancer